Why would a REALTOR® use NewHomeListingService.com™?

As a born and raised Calgarian, I have watched Calgary grow to become the world-class city it is today. As much as I try to stay informed regarding all of the new developments throughout the city, it becomes impossible to know of all of the developments happening in Calgary.

As soon as I research the community or builders for a client, that knowledge often becomes obsolete a year later, after the community continues to change dramatically. NewHomeListingService.com™ allows Calgary REALTORS® and potential home buyers a tool to help narrow down the search process and help find the right builder and/or community without having to drive around wasting precious time researching in person.

It allows us REALTORS® the ability to do the research from a computer and understand the expectations of builders to ensure that we are able to help our clients and whether or not the builder will pay us for our efforts.
Many home buyers start researching new homes many months before they even consider contacting a REALTOR® to help.

Often by then, it is too late. The builders often refuse to pay us, making it nearly impossible to help our clients pick the right property and negotiate on their behalf. The tools offered through NHLS™ can help us register our clients without even having to know that the clients are considering buying something new. This allows us the ability to contact our clients early on in the process and guide them through the many pitfalls of going directly to a show suite without representation.

The cost of this service is very minimal and will almost surely pay for itself for 20+ years after your first deal, because of it. I am unsure how much more it has cost by clients when they had to negotiate without me. Were they protected?  Did they have a lawyer read through their contract?  If not, then who was representing their best interest?  I can assure them that it was not the builder. I wish NHLS™ had been around when I’d started over a decade ago.

Stirling Karlsen
RE/MAX Real Estate (Central)

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 East Village Development

Calgary’s East Village is the “latest and greatest!”

Here are 10 reasons you should consider living in Calgary’s newest vibrant neighbourhood!

  1. Need a place to live? Calgary’s East Village has a number of elegant, luxurious and contemporary condominiums. The Verve is the East Village’s newest addition, featuring studio to 2-bedroom apartments designed for efficiency and comfort. Cool fact: The Verve is the East Village’s first condominium to be built on The Riff pedestrian street!
  2. Worried that if you live in the heart of an Urban village you won’t be able to cook from home? Worry not! Currently under construction at the corner of 5th and 3rd is Loblaws City Market and a Shoppers Drug Mart! All of your home cooking needs can be satisfied right here!
  3. Can’t decide between natural wilderness and urban luxury? St. Patrick’s Island in the East Village is the place for you! This developed island amidst the Bow River features gorgeous walk ways and bike paths, open, clean and kept grass and trees, and a modern arbour to sit and relax. Not enough? The park is also animal friendly and has a playground fit for the most adventurous children.
  4. 5th Street Square, at the intersection of 7th Ave and 5th Street SE is a small urban park where one can six back, relax, and collect their thoughts. If you’re into a more buzzing social scene, worry not. The YYC food trucks gather in the summer to give you a taste of… well anything you really want!
  5. Direct access to Calgary’s award winning RiverWalk. You aren’t limited to just walking here! Run or cycle in dedicated lanes to make your experience exactly that, your experience! Featuring paths along the Bow and Elbow Rivers, there is an ever changing site to see here!
  6. Artisan markets – enough said.
  7. Want to experience a national historic site whilst in the urban East Village? Fort Calgary gives you exactly that opportunity. This national Historic site has been around since Calgary was born in 1875. Stop by for an educated visit, brunch, or to host an event and “Make History”.
  8. No car? No problem! The East Village’s location makes it very easy to get around! Minutes from the City Hall C-train, you have access to every corner of Calgary!
  9. Tired of Netflix? Not to worry, there are tonnes of events around the East Village that you can partake in. Every month there is something new, from 5-minute therapy to weekly running group, the East Village has an event for you!
  10. As one of Calgary’s most up and coming neighbourhoods, the East Village is guaranteed to have a restaurant for you! From Village Ice Cream to Vasili’s Greek the East Village offers a wide range of selection just to tame your appetite.

Kayleigh Demosky is a finance major at the University of Calgary. Demosky is also a co-founder for the Calgary-based start-up company, The DigiHand.

Getting your Home Ready to Sell

Thinking about selling your home can be overwhelming. There are many questions that need answers: Should I sell privately or through a Real Estate Agent? Are there any major changes that need to be done in my home? How do I appropriately decorate my home for open house?
This guide will help you answer any questions you have regarding selling your home.

  1. Selling your home privately and retaining all the money your home sells for may sounds appealing, but hiring a Real Estate Agent is your best bet to sell your home quickly and for the best possible price. Real Estate Agents know how to negotiate with buyers, have knowledge about a variety of neighbourhoods, and help get your place in top shape. They also save you plenty of time that you may not have to do it on your own.
  2. Keep your home up to date. Nothing is as unappealing as walking into a potential home and discovering that the current owners haven’t updated their home since the 70’s – shag carpet and all. You want your home to have a good first impression on potential buyers when they walk through the door, and the best way to do this is to make sure that anything that needs repairing is repaired, and any upgrades that will increase the value of your home are completed.
  3. The first thing that potential buyers see when they arrive at your home is the exterior. You want to keep the outside of your home looking well-kept and professional, which may include mowing the lawn, trimming any bushes or trees in the yard, keeping outside decorations to a minimum and tasteful, and cleaning the siding and windows.
  4. Depersonalize your home. Buyers want to be able to imagine themselves living in your home, and that can be difficult when they are surrounded by pictures of you and your family everywhere. This also includes removing any toothbrushes from the bathroom and removing any fixtures you plan on taking with you.
  5. The final thing you should do before you begin showing your home to buyers is de-clutter and organize. Make sure that the house has been deep cleaned and you’ve scrubbed any hard to reach areas, like the tops of door frames. Don’t leave anything lying around, try to get things out of the way so people viewing the home have a clear walking path. You should also organize your home. This includes the furniture, making the home look open and inviting, as well as your cupboards and any decorations you may have. When buyers are looking through your home, they do not want to see that you’ve stashed things away into crammed cupboards, as this may make them wonder what else you are hiding.

With these steps, you should be well on the way to selling your home.

Simone Wayling is a finance major at the Haskayne School of Business (University of Calgary). Wayling is also a co-founder for the Calgary-based start-up company, The DigiHand.