5 Tips To Make Your New Home Feel Cozier- WITHOUT Breaking The Bank

Warm Wall Colours

The importance of wall colour is often underestimated asthe colour of your paint can completely revolutionize the space. Painting a room is a great way to instantly make it over without spending too much. The general rule of thumb is, for a quieter ambiance, make sure your colours are not extremely bright, therefore choosing colours such as a light brown, soft reds, and purples.

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If your new home has wood finishing, darker reds, navy, or a warm off-white can help create a more rustic-cozy feel to the room. Cooler colours make a space feel larger and airier. Warm colours do the complete opposite – they make a space feel smaller and cozier. Every colour, even whites and blacks, can have cool or warm undertones.

The most important aspect of picking a good paint is looking at the size of your room, large spaces often require these warmer colours to help make them feel cozier. However, a smaller room should have lighter greys or off whites with a warm tone in order to open up the space making it more inviting.

Use Rugs in your space

Whether that be in your bedroom or living room, adding soft and textured rugs can add to the warmth of the space almost immediately. Not to mention the fact that rugs on a bare floor keep the heat in, meaning that they are literally warming up a room.

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Pay Attention to Lighting

One of the easiest ways to make your home cozier is lighting. I can’t stress enough how important lighting is, and the effect it’ll have on your room. From the height of your lighting, the use of candles, to the colour of light bulb you choose, these quick changes can have a huge effect on the ambiance of the room.

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The general rule of thumb for choosing lighting for your new home is to evaluate the space. In a living room, for example, the use of table lamps will help to bring the lighting down to a working level, creating a warmer room that will make you want to cuddle up in a blanket and read. It is also important in these multifaceted rooms to have multiple sources of light – brighter ones for larger gatherings, smaller ones for more intimate gatherings, or a night in. As well, in the bedroom, the use of candles and warmer-tone light bulbs will help in creating a more warm and welcoming space.

Look for furniture that is “curl-upable”

There is a very big difference in furniture that is nice to look at, and furniture that is nice to sit or lay on. Ideally, the prefect love seat or sofa would strike a balance between the two. But if you truly are committed to the coziness, then prior to buying furniture you have to ask yourself, “Can I see myself curled up on this sofa of a Sunday afternoon, feet sunk deep in the cushions, reading a book and drinking tea?” If the answer is no – keep looking.

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An additional way to cozy up an existing couch is throw pillows and blankets. Adding soft and textured throw pillows can completely change the atmosphere in the room and create warmth to any space.

Illuminate “feel good” objects in a room

When planning on moving to new home, the things you love should take center stage. Your home must ultimately reflect who you are, and the rest will fall into place. That collection of memorabilia, family photos, or old vinyl’s represent you, and that will be reflected in the space and the overall coziness of the room.

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Monica Turcotte, is a student at the University of Calgary, studying entrepreneurship with a minor in communication and media studies. She is also president of the Alpha Omicron Pi sorority at the UofC. Turcotte is also a co-founder for the Calgary-based start-up company, The DigiHand.