Best Restaurants in Calgary

Best Restaurants in Calgary by Neighborhood

Calgary today is so much more than it once was, in terms of the cuisine. The once quiet and sleepy town now boasts a vibrant and flourishing restaurant scene, driven by hungry young Chefs. Today, when you walk through the streets of Calgary there is a sense of excitement that did not exist before. Making their appearance seemingly around every corner, are fresh new restaurants brought to life by innovative and modern, talented Chefs; as well as historic staples staying strong and offering contemporary classics. These Chefs are the heart of the town with a vision to bring edgy, boldness and life back to this oil-rich city. Farm to table and other creative and inventive restaurants are now setting the scene for this new-found foodie hub.

Best Restaurants in Calgary to Visit by Quadrant

Regardless of which corner of Calgary you find yourself in, you can be sure of one thing – you will find a top restaurant worthy of your time. Here are some top names to look out for should you find yourself in SE, SW, NE or NW Calgary any time soon.

Southeast Calgary:

  • Rouge – Rogue has been a staple of the Calgary dining scene for over a decade now and they have yet still to lose their appeal. With new control in the kitchen, Chef Jamie Harling brings with him a fresh and natural approach to seasonal fare. Tending to the garden, nourishing the crop and harvesting what is in season, Rogue is bringing diners dinner from a garden that is no more than a mere 50 yards from the kitchen.
  • Alloy – If you are looking for reliability and pure excellence, then stop by Alloy in southeast Calgary. This posh, trendy downtown restaurant brings to life surprising, yet explosively delicious Latin, Mediterranean and Asian fusion flavours. The dishes are layered with modern classics that showcase the considerable talents of Chef/owner Rogelio Herrera.

Southwest Calgary:

  • Blink – Blink has effortlessly matured to become a reliable and consistent best when it comes to restaurants in Calgary. Offering the most superb selection of wines, and innovative cocktails, alongside the highest quality of ingredients handled by Chef Chris Dewling, Blink brings French influences to finest of regional ingredients.
  • Raw Bar – If Asian fusion is what you are craving then hop on over to the southwest quadrant of Calgary for dinner at Raw Bar – the latest in ‘Vietmodern’ style cuisine. The fusion Chef Duncan Ly brings together, meets in the most harmonious of ways. He has found an impeccable balance of flavours in each and every dish, of which he brings nothing short of hugely enticing bold tastes. The restaurant itself is stylish, yet relaxing with exceptional cocktail offerings and decadent pastries for those with a sweet tooth.

Northwest Calgary:

Notable – You can count on the plates at this NW staple to always be well-crafted and, well, notable. This restaurant boldly withstood the test of time by proving that there is no need to be a follower of trending foodie fare. Instead, Chef Justin Labossiere stays true to his roots and offers the city lunch and dinner that will surely not disappoint.