Calgary’s Top 5 Communities – Seton| The DigiHand

If you have been looking for an urban community that isn’t right in the middle of downtown Calgary, but isn’t on the complete outskirts of the city – look no further, we have the place for you! Seton is Calgary’s “south urban district”, located off Deerfoot Trail, and situated south of Auburn Bay and east of Cranston, Seton is set to be the newest mixed-use development in Calgary.

Mixing suburban housing with retail and business, Seton is the place to be! Once complete, Seton will feature a central park, a public library, shopping centres and schools. Seton is also by Calgary’s South Health Campus Hospital.

In the coming future, the city plans to build an LRT line that goes straight into Seton, so transportation will be easier than ever, and you won’t have to deal with driving up and down Deerfoot Trail during rush-hour.

Seton features condos and AgeCare assisted living and nursing homes, so there is something for everyone here! Cedarglen Living is the primary home developer in Seton, with single family homes starting in the $400’s. Condominium unit plans are set to cater to a wide variety of the resident’s needs, with homes ranging from approximately 600 square feet to 1000 square feet. Seton’s mixed-use development holds the intention of accommodating all demographics, and Seton Park Place, the 142-unit apartment style condos, are starting at $190,000.

The condos in Seton model a lifestyle that is accompanied with downtown living, but offers affordable prices in the south that you simply cannot find in the heart of downtown Calgary. Due to the downtown lifestyle that Seton is going to create, apartment buildings and condos will be built on top of places of retail.

If you’re looking for move-in ready home, you will have to wait. Seton Park Place is not quite available for ownership, as home development has just begun! There are two wings that will complete Seton Park Place, with homes in the East wing available as early as June 2018, and homes in the West wing available in August 2018.

To summarize, Seton will be the perfect community for those looking to live a downtown lifestyle without being in the heart of downtown Calgary, as there will be countless amenities such as shopping and entertainment, all close to open green spaces and nearly a straight and direct route to the mountains! With homes developed by Cedarglen Living, you will most definitely find a home to suit your lifestyle here!

The only setback with Seton is that while the hospital and some of the shopping centres are up and running, the homes are still being developed and the LRT Green Line is not yet built, so the commute into Calgary city centre can be long.

If you’re looking for the perfect community and have time to spare before moving out of your current home, you should consider Seton!

Kayleigh Demosky is a finance major at the University of Calgary. Demosky is also a co-founder for the Calgary-based start-up company, The DigiHand.