Downtown Or The Suburbs?

Justin and Angie Ahn are transitioning from being young adults to starting a family. They have previously lived in condominiums, apartments in downtown, suburbs, and now reside in the inner city. They are a family of three and with another child on the way, enjoying the middle ground between downtown and the suburbs.

Life Style

Before they began their life together, they lived in apartments and condominiums in the downtown areas of Calgary and Edmonton.  The downtown environment fitted their lifestyle at the time, because the central location offered them the convenience of being close to everything they needed. There were a variety of bars, restaurants, and clubs that were in walking distance or a bus stop away.

Starting their jobs after finishing their studies at the University of Alberta, the commute to work was very convenient as they were able to walk or take public transit, thus saving money from reduced driving and parking costs.

Living in a condominium or apartment, however, underground parking was almost always an additional cost and proved to be difficult for out of town visitors.

Angie’s job as an auditor had her traveling across Canada, and when she had the chance, she was able to stay with her parents in the suburbs part of Edmonton. The suburbs, being away from the central part of the city, there was an increase in the money required to commute to work, though she did find some benefits: she really enjoyed the lack of traffic noise, able to relax in the backyard with a cup of tea.

Once she and her husband settle down for a family they knew that living downtown would not be an ideal place to raise their child, wanting more space, and a better education opportunity.  Justin and Angie made the choice of a home in the inner city making their commute to work still walking distance. Their home is smaller than what they could have bought in the suburb,s but it offers enough space for their children to grow up. Living in inner city also provides them a parking space for them and their guests. Although bars and clubs may not be their thing anymore, restaurants and cafes are still in close distance.

When choosing to a place to live it depends on lifestyles, opportunities that are given, but you’re not limited to stay at one place forever.

Justin Park, is studying Business Technology Management at the University of Calgary. Park is also a co-founder for the Calgary-based start-up company, The DigiHand.