Find a well established builder, if you are new home buyer.

How to find a well established builder?

Research the Builders who build there

Tips to find a well-established builder:

  • Find the local Builders Association for a list of Builders that are registered members. You can access this through organizations like the Canadian Home Builders Association. It is important to note that there may be other Builders out there as well that just have not chosen to be members of a local builders association. They may well be great, but generally, those who pay a fee to be a member have not only gone through a due diligence process to be a member but also take the business seriously and are well established.
  • If you do find a Builder who is NOT on the local Builder association (and perhaps even if they are) you want to check to see if they have a valid business license and if they have been recognized by the Better Business Beaureu or other local organizations.
  • Your local city hall may also have a list of the number of permits that Builder has pulled for construction in the past year, giving you an idea of the strength of the Builder and may even be able to share their knowledge and experience with that Builder. Both small and large Builders have been known to go out of business and it’s important to check this out carefully, especially as later you will be giving them deposits. (example: REID Built – Bankruptcy)
  • Check local rating sites such as Avid Ratings and HomeStars who utilize consumer ratings of the Builders. It is also best to look at more than one as it is possible a rating site is paid to ensure that Builder looks better than they really are so verifying various resources will give you the clearest picture.
  • The Developer will typically choose those Builders they are working within that Development and there is a myriad of reasons they have made that decision. The developer is selling the lots to the Builder, but remember they need to assist them in selling as well as the Builder needs to pay them for the land and that doesn’t always get paid at the beginning. Often the completion of that payment comes out of your purchase when you move in so you are helping to pay for the development of that community.
  • Finally, talk to friends and family or utilize your Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to reach out to find out who has built with particular builders and the quality of experience they had.