Top 5 Edmonton Communities – Cavanagh in Heritage Valley

Cavanagh is a new development located in Heritage Valley, in the south of Edmonton. Cavanagh is described as “modern living in the heritage valley,” providing homes that reflect early Albertan heritage, but with an updated feel and urban twist.

Cavanagh is a great community for young families and young single professionals because of its location. Cavanagh provides residents with easy access to shopping, dining and the airport, however residents also have access to Blackmud Creek for outdoor recreation.

Cavanagh gives homeowners diversity in housing types and styles, however each type features common design elements, giving the community a sense of architectural harmony.

Cavanagh has five builders contributing to the community, including Cameron Homes, Hopewell Residential, Pacesetter Homes, Rohit Group of Companies and Sterling Homes.

Front Garage Single Family Homes are built solely by Sterling Homes, one of the most established Family Home Builders in Western Canada.

While Front Garage Duplexes are built by Cameron Homes, Pacesetter Homes, Rohit Group of Companies and Sterling Homes.

Cameron Homes is a family owned company from Edmonton known for an emphasis on family values.

Pacesetter Homes is also an Edmonton based builder who focuses on customer satisfaction and individuality.

Rohit Group of Companies is a leading home builder in Edmonton and Fort McMurray, known for its town homes and duplexes.

The Laned Homes are solely built by Hopewell Residential, a home builder, who’s been building homes for Albertans for more than 20 years.

Finally, Laned Duplexes are built by Hopewell Residential, Pacesetter Homes, Rohit Group of Companies, and Sterling Homes.

Cavanagh is a new community that comes with history. This community’s unique design features make it an exciting new addition to the Edmonton area. With a fantastic group of contributing builders and range of housing styles, Cavanagh is a great place for anyone to call home.

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