Top 5 Edmonton Communities – Woodhaven-Edgemont

Woodhaven-Edgemont is a community in west Edmonton for families who are looking for nature at their doorstep while still being within city limits. Developed by The Walton Group, Woodhaven-Edgemont was designed with families in mind; they wanted to create a community that would fit any family’s lifestyle.

Woodhaven-Edgemont is surrounded by over 35 acres of greenspace; including a constructed ravine, creeks, and playgrounds. There are also a network of trails perfect for hiking, mountain biking, running, or dog walking – even cross-country skiing in the winter.

As the community is still in its development stage, custom front attached garage homes are still being personally designed to buyer, as well the community has developed luxury ravine condos. Single-family homes are being built by Montorio Homes, Edmonton’s largest custom home builder.

Montorio Homes is creating customized Italian-inspired homes, while incorporating environmentally friendly building techniques and products into their homes.

The Parc at Edgemont Ravine offers home buyers two-bedroom condos that offer an escape and respite from concrete civilization. Whether the buyer uses the area’s many walking paths or take a family trip to Banff, the idea is that the only thing between the buyer and nature is their backdoor.

The Parc condos are being sold upward of $250,000. Woodhaven-Edgemont strives to be an approachable and reasonably priced community that can fit any family, whether it be a first time buyer or a family expanding. Therefore, the price point, size of lots, and location of homes creates a range of prices to fit any budget.

The community is ideally positioned on the Wedgewood ravine, providing an attractive setting for a residential development and adds significant amenity value to the future community along the south edge of the property. Although Woodhaven-Edgemont is on the outskirts of west Edmonton, it is located just a few minutes down Anthony Henday highway from transit, school, shopping, and recreation facilities until retail development is established.

This community boasts opportunity and customization from home builders and would be a great choice for any family. The only con with this community is that it is in the very first stages of development isn’t yet fully established with amenities. However, the next stage of homes being built will complete the community and allow them to focus on developing retail opportunities.

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